4-wheeler Ownership Transfer in Bangalore, Karnatka

Hello everybody,

Recently, I got opportunity to interact with Regional Transport Office (RTO) for my car’s ownership transfer. My friends suggested to take help of an agent and get it done but I wasn’t in mood to pay kickbacks, hence I chose to do it my self. I faced bit of difficulty but I overpowered it with patience and persistence. The purpose of writing this blog is to ensure that others are benefitted out of my experience and eventually avoid paying any kickbacks  or bribe to the agents.

In my case, my vehicle was registered under Kormangala, RTO and I’ve to get it registered in Indiranagar RTO.  The ownership transfer process is listed below:

At original RTO, Kormangala:

  1. Get Clearance Certificate and Hypothecation (If the vehicle is on Loan) Cancelled from original RTO. In my case it was Koramangala. You need to produce the following documents.
    1. NOC letter issued from the owner.
    2. Form No. 35 in duplicate(hypothecation cancellation)
    3. Original RC Book.
    4. Self Addressed Clothed Envelope with 12 rs. ticket affixed on it for Local Speed Post. http://www.indiapost.gov.in/netscape/speedpost.html
  2. Next take all the documents to a verifier clerk in office and get it verified. Once verified you have to pay a fee of 100 rs for hypothecation cancellation and attach the chalan with the form. Finally you submit the application.
  3. After 1 week, you will receive the clearance certificate along with your RC book modified.
  4. Next you have to contact the new RTO office where the vehicle has to be registered.

At New RTO, IndiraNagar:

  1. Have following documents ready before you reach to RTO office.
      1. Form no CMV 29 in duplicate.
      2. Form no. CMV 30. If vehicle is covered under Hypothecation/HPA/Lease.
      3. Consent of financier. Original
      4. Registration Certificate(RC) Book. Original.
      5. Valid insurance. Photocopy
      6. Emission Certificate. Photocopy
      7. Address proof ( Ration Card, Voter ID). If you don’t have either of these, get an affidavit for address proof. You’ll find public notary in RTO premise who would endorse your affidavit at a nominal fee.
      8. PAN card . If there is no PAN number form no 61 in case of agriculturists and form no. 60 in case of others.
      9. Clearance Certificate issued by previous registering authority. Original
      10. Two passport size photographs of the transferee.
      11. Self Addressed Clothed Envelope with 12 rs. ticket affixed on it for Local Speed Post.
  2. Next take all the documents to a verifier clerk in office and get it verified. After documents are verified the clerk will redirect you to the next counter where you have to raise the Chalan.
  3. Go to next counter and have chalan raised by entering the details of your RC book in the system.
  4. Got to bill payment counter and pay the amount and obtain the chalan.
  5. Now submit all the documents along with the chalan to verifier clerk once again. Once verifier is done with the verification, he/she will redirect you to form submission counter. You submit all the forms and document and obtain an acknowldegement receipt.  After 1 week, you should receive RC book/Smart card with your name and address in it.


How to Register a vehicle

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83 Responses to 4-wheeler Ownership Transfer in Bangalore, Karnatka

  1. TJ says:

    Applying for hypothecation termination/cancellation and CC Clearance Certificate was pretty straight forward at Koramangla RTO

    • Prasad says:

      Infact All the RTO s are good it all depends on how we cooperate with them in submitting all the necessary documents

  2. goutam majumder says:

    Thanks a lot Niraj, this article is of great help to me and i believe other fellow Bangaloreans. Happy days.

  3. sunny raj gupta says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for such a wonderful article. But kindly tell us How much is the government authorized fees for the same. (Got to bill payment counter and pay the amount and obtain the chalan). how much do we need to pay at bill payment counter??????????

  4. Kumaran.N says:

    Niraj, Neatly written, detailed information…i liked it..originally i thought of going through an agent..now might do it myself..thanks..

    • jp amaranath says:

      In fact this was what I was looking for when I wanted to browse. Information provided is very excellent. Perhaps, this kind of informatin should have been be posted on the web site by the Department in clear terms like how you have done. Thank you for your social service. May God bless you.

  5. Pat says:

    thank you for the valuable info. i was going to be made a fool by some agents.

  6. Pat says:

    Niraj, what is Consent of financier, that u’ve mentioned, is that the case where i take the vehicle on loan?

  7. Sid says:

    Hi Niraj

    Thanks for the info. I’ve a similar case … is it safe to put my original RC/smart-card in the envelope and hand it over to the RTO guys ? And do they really send back the NoC/CC in 8-10 days.


  8. Thanks Sir Very use full information, by reading this this article one could stop giving kickback to agent.

  9. ramesh says:

    thanks for a detailed blog about the procedure.. i got mine transferred recently from Indiranagar to KR puram. did it myself thanks to the info you have provided here. ramesh

  10. BS NARAHARI says:

    Yesterday ( 18/01/2012) Even I too Submitted the following documents at Jnanabharthi RTO , Bangalore to obtain Clearance certificate for the used CAR for ownership Transfer
    1) Original RC book of the Owner ( Transferor )
    2) NOC for clearance certificate duly signed by the seller( Transferor) of the vehicle
    3) Buyer self addressed envelop with Rs12 stamp
    4) Valid Xerox copy of Insurance & Emission Test certificate
    An acknowledgement has been received, & hoping to get the CC & RCC book delivered soon through postal service to my address as mentioned in Envelop

    • naren says:

      Please tell me what document we have to give for NOC for clearance – is it I can download NOC form ,could you share me the link .

    • Manjunath says:

      Do you have tracking facility through net ? I too applied and its almost 15 days. Hoping to receive

  11. Anees says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Niraj! I went to Koramangala RTO today and submitted the documents without any trouble. The guys over there were supportive. With all the documents, also carry an envelope (go to one of those stationary shops on the ground floor and ask for RC Post Cover :-)), a file (RTO File as called by the shop guys). If the RC is a smart card, put it in a transparrent cover and staple all the documents including the fee paid receipt.

  12. Santhosh says:

    Hi Niraj,

    Thanks a lot for posting this information. With the help of this info I was able to get the Transfer of Ownership done for the used car I’ve bough 3 weeks ago. It costed me Rs.105 for the transfer and Rs.200 for the smart card. In total the amount I paid to RTO is Rs.305 and that is it.

  13. Narendra says:

    Hi Niraj ,
    Thanks for given all the deatils !!
    I have once quest : I want to bring the my brother car to bangalore ,Car is name with my brother name , I want to transfer with my name ,so could you tell me is it also I have to pay the road tax ??

  14. Neenu says:

    Hi Niraj,
    Thanks for the info. I have a question. I want to transfer the car ownership to my husband’s name.The car loan is in my name. So do I need to pre-close the loan to change the ownership?
    And is there any change in procedure for transferring the ownership to spouse name?

  15. chaman says:

    what is the size of envelope needed?

  16. Arun Bhat says:

    Hi NIraj,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful artical, could you please let me know how much it will cost to change the name on RC book….becouse in jayanagr agent asking me to pay 3000 buks to change name for ma second hand car…could you please advise..

  17. Prabha says:

    Thanks Niraj

  18. Vishal says:

    I went to Electronic City RTO on the Hosa Road (Sigasandra) on 25/05/2012. I found that a few things were different. You need 4 photographs (If you don’t have, just go to neighbouring building and get instant photos: 8 copies Rs 80) and stamps of Rs 25. Put the stamp on a small size self addressed envelope. It is normally good to purchase a file with a filing string which you get for Rs 5 outside in the neigbouring xerox shops. (The car I purchased had no loan and was from the same RTO, so I did not need consent of financer or clearance certificate anyway). Also take photocopy of RC book as the receipt is given on RC book photocopy instead of From29 copy (I guess this is subjective). BTW, the list of documents is clearly given on the boards inside the RTO.

    With all the forms filled, go directly to superintendent (non transport counter, which is at the end) and she will check the papers and the database using the vehicle number and write the amount to be paid on the form. Go to the cash counter (the middle one) and give the form, get the chalaan (payment receipt) and don’t forget your form on the counter. You will get an original with a carbon copy. Attach both the copies of chalaan (you don’t get to keep one).

    Since all the documents have to be attached inside the file, make sure you take a transparent good quality plastic cover (I used the one I had on my emission check certificate). This is useful for putting in photograhs and the original RC card. This way, your final submission will be easier as photos and card will be visible outright.

    Take the file to ARTO (who is near the entrance, once you climb up). The peon outside will ask you why you want to go in, and just tell him that you need to get vehicle transfer form signed. He will direct you to the ARTO. He will sign on your form immediately.

    Take the file back to the counter near the superintendent. The lady will be busy entering information in register and giving acknowledgements and won’t be hard to identify. Otherwise, you can ask the superintendent again. You will get acknowledgement on the RC book copy. You’re done.

    Since I don’t know kannada, I was pleasantly surprised that the staff speaks crystal clear english and are very helpful. Unless you go to them with expired license or incomplete documents and then bug them, you are unlikely to face any problem.

    • vijay says:

      Thanks a lot “Vishal”, for sharing your experience. it was very helpful….

    • Nitin says:

      You did not need the clearance certificate? in case yes what was needed for doing he same for clearance certificate. It may be asking for too much, but if all the documents are complete is there a way to get the clearance certificate immediately?

    • Nitin says:

      notify me on the follow up comments

  19. Khushboo says:

    I had applied for hypothecation cancellation a month back in indiranagar rto. I followed the same procedure as mentioned but have not yet received by smart card back. Can you please tell me what can I do? The one month validity of the acknowledgment is over now. Do i have to go to the rto and collect it?


  20. Razak says:

    Thank u, good information

  21. PARAG KANERIYA says:

    Hi Niraj,
    Can you Please clarify whether it is required to transfer ownership to the RTO which come under my resident jurisdictional . In my case my 4-Wheeler register in Electronic City RTO ( under Company lease), where my resident fall under K.R. Puram RTO.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestion.

  22. PARAG KANERIYA says:

    Hi Niraj,

    Can you tell me what is “Consent of financier.”. My 4 wheeler was lease to the company, after foreclosure of Lease, I got clearance certificate, form 30, 29 etc . Does Clarence Certificate is same as Consent of Financier

  23. Sam says:

    Hi Niraj,

    Recently I transfered old car on my name kormangala bangalore, I got fax of my agent about smart card with no HP/lease details. Previously car had loan and agent cancelled the hypotication, question is though the HP is cancelled, Smart card should be showing HP/lease option with blank information, is this correct? or banglore smart card do not shows the HP/lease column if hypotication is not there, asking as other states though the loan is not taken for car, in smart card there always options HP/lease with blank information. 2ndly how we could know the smart card is geniune, is there any way to tally the details?

  24. M Jayaprakash says:

    Hi Mr.Niraj,
    You’ve done a wonderful job.Thanks a lot for the usefull info.In these days middlemen make a lot money due to our negligence.RTO office people also help a lot.But we dont approach them.This is a good lesson for lazy.

  25. dinesh says:

    Hi niraj…very useful to me..

  26. DR says:

    Hi Two years back I Sold my Santro Car in Blore, they promised me that they will transfer it in their name. Recently when I visited Blore found that there were two fines (letter received from RTO)in my name. I am unabel to trace the new owner now(though the car is very much in Blore). I have the proof that I sold the car to them on a particular date and time. Pls guide.
    1. How do check if they have transferred the card in their name?
    2. How to I ensure that my name is removed as owner from the RTO site?

    • Sharath says:

      I believe you cannot get it removed so easily. I have the same problem. I went to a police station too to ask for a solution, but got a blunt reply saying “you should have got it done!” the “delivery note” that the middleman/consultant gives is of no use. I’m stuck with this case for a over a year now.

    • Divyesh says:

      Call the new owner and warn them about not being transferred.. else file a missing complaint 🙂

  27. Nitin says:

    Excellent post and very help full.

    One question you said NOC letter issues from the owner, is it free hand writing or there is government prescribed format of it?

  28. Satish says:

    Thanks a ton Niraj. Just a question though.
    I believe we need to make sure that financing company seal(Name & Address) on the form 35 matches with what is specified in your RC book.My office got shifted, these do not match. Wont the RTO accept the application in this case ?.

  29. Don says:

    at original RTO (in my case Koramangala) for Clearance Certificate, I was asked to give the copies of Insurance and Emission also along with Original RC Book and NOC form filled by the owner, this was clearly written on the board there too.
    The envelope was with Rs.25 stamp on it. I got the post on the 11th day after submission.

    • lalu says:

      Hi All,
      Recently I visited Indira Nagar RTO for Clearance Certificate for my 4 wheeler. So one agent approached me he said he will do all he activity for 1000 Rs.. So I decided to go with him bcoz i don’t have any idea about any of the process. He asked me to call next day.

      So I called next day, then he said that I need to pay some Rs.3555 for road tax difference then only I get Clearance certificate. He came with one slip with some RTO kind of seal….So I got doubt and I told that agent that I will go and pay that amount directly…That he was not happy with that approach…But I took that slip and walk directly to RTO office….RTO Clerk said we didn’t issue any slip like that and agent is trying to get some money from you…..Agents are trying to take ur money like anything….

      So guys beware of this cheating as well….

  30. Murali VM says:

    Good info. Thanks – Murali

  31. TEJA says:

    hi neraj i have purchased a car which is registered in yaswanthpur rto and come under kr puram rto.But problem is i payed all the amount to the owner but he asked me to get the acknowlagment from RTO and take the car.But i went through middleman and this guy gave me slip after 2 weeks but the owner says this is not acknwolagment.Can you please say wat would t
    hat he is asking for.

    The middleman said the he submitted the document in YWP RTO on 26/10/12 and he said that he will get the NOC and HYPOTHECATION cancelllation this week.Can you suggest me when i will get the RC on my name how many days it takes,

  32. Kumar says:

    Thank you Niraj and others for documenting this and helping others like me go through the process without any hassle.

    My vehicle was registered under Indira Nagar and has to be transferred to KR Puram – hypothecation already cancelled.

    Submitted the documents at Indira Nagar to obtain clearance certificate for transfer of ownership. Received CC after 30 calendar days. Rs.25/- self-addressed stamp was demanded and also, for CC the person collecting the documents demanded the address on the envelope to be of the seller instead of the buyer (me) as CC has to be obtained by the seller. The CC requisition letter was prepared and signed by the seller for submission. Fortunately, I bought the vehicle from a known person and I could provide his address without hesitation.

    Submitted the CC along with other required documents for the transfer of ownership at KR Puram. Only 1 photo required as the RC was in smart card format. My postal went back undelivered to the RTO office without any note at my door or security for attempted delivery. I had to visit the RTO office to check the status and get the RC from them directly after 45 days.

    At both the RTO offices, I got an acknowledgement on accepting the documents that is valid for 30 days – this specifies that we can visit the office after 30 days from the date of submission for follow-up.

    Hope this helps!

  33. kasi says:

    Hi Neeraj,

    Thanks for the information. It was really helpful. I have a doubt here. Do we need to take the car as well to the RTO, for Hypothecation cancellation & also to get a Clearance Certificate. Recently i purchased a car from my friend. He has given the NOC from the bank to me. Can i go ahead and do the hypothecation cancellation process ?, or his presense / identity is required ?. Please advice.


  34. nikil kiran silas says:

    Hi Niraj,
    This blog is extremely helpful. Thank you.
    I have a query. If we don’t have an NOC letter from the owner to get the clearence certificate, will the signature in the sale deed(rto booklet) act as NOC. In my case the owner is out of country. Any alternates for the same?

  35. accent says:

    Nice helpful blog….I will go to electonic city RTO tomorrow for transfer and will share my experience

  36. manjunath says:


    Recently i purchased one used alto basic model car purchase date 1/1/2013 for 130000 first i paid 5000 advance and 125000 as a check but after that i heard that owner is not there in the station the purchaser had took sign in form29 and form30 and one signature in clearance cirtificate form so they promised that they know rto person in yalahanka and he will do the needfull after 15days they told that clearance certificat is done only the thing is to transfer the document in your name that too there agent will only do so i paid 1400 and pan card zerox one photo and where ever signature required i signed and one post card of 45rs the agent told to call after 8 days i did but no use daily i was calling him but he was giving some reason my rto is in gnanabharathi till now (1/3/2013) more than 2month over he has not given any document for me. Before giving the check to the car owner(but he has not transfered the vehicle to his name) i had made an agreement notiary of 100rs like transfer is owners responsiblity so please suggest what next step i should take my emal id is manju.n.l@gmail.com.

  37. rajeev says:

    Hi Niraj,
    First of all thanks for the details you have given.I followed the process which you have mentioned above. For me its transfer of ownership involving KR Puram RTO to E-CITY RTO. I submitted the docs at KR Puram RTO as per the guidelines you have given. But after 10days time they only sent me the original RC smart card nothing else, i mean there is no clearance certificate along with that . Can you suggest what to do next?


  38. Shiva says:

    I had applied for CC from Yelahanka RTO with same details as above, but I did not receive any clearance certificate from them. When I got the speed post from RTO, it had only smart RC card, my emission certificate copy and insurance copy rounded off with red marks on expiry dates(still valid for months!). Shouldnt I receive a CC or the smart card chip has the details updated?

  39. Chandu says:

    Very much useful

  40. Srikanth says:

    Thanks a ton Niraj. Very detailed information…

  41. Ashok says:

    12 Rs stamp was increased to 17 Rs in Indira Nagar. All other process is same.

  42. Santosh B R says:

    I got it transferred recently with the steps mentioned above. Thanks a lot for the step by step guide. Agents were asking me 1500 but got it done in just approx Rs. 300. One more update – I did not receive the RC in 30days. I visited RTO and enquired. They argued that 30 days means 30 working days. In next 2 to 3 days I received my RC.

  43. Sachin says:

    Post was very helpful. I applied in Electronics City RTO with no bribe. I was done in just 30-40 minutes. Hoping to get RC soon.

  44. Indrajit says:

    Thanks Niraj. Your page was a great help. I have submitted my documents for Hypothecation cancellation at K. R. Puram RTO. It was a breeze. The acknowledgement receipt indicates that I will receive the RC and documents in 30 days. Wondering if it take that much time! Once I receive them I have to go to Indiranagar RTO for the name transfer. Please let me know if you are aware of any timeline before which I have to do the name transfer at Indiranagar RTO after I receive the RC and documents from K. R. Puram RTO. Thanks.

  45. deepak says:

    thanks very much for the useful info!

  46. abdul says:

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    details pls call me abdul

  47. Reddy says:

    Thank you for your time and Thanks a lot.

  48. sree says:

    I had bad experience with brokers at the RTO. I lost some money also because of brokers at RTO. Dont trust them, you dont have any proof that you gave money and you dont even know them. My suggestion is go through driving school ….It will be done for sure.

  49. Great Job! Niraj, I followed your advised procedure and it worked, but I would like to add 4 points for the benefit of others from my experience at RTO E-City Bangalore. 1. The RC card of the original owner is to be put in a plastic packet (I put mine in another cloth envelope). 2. The documents, with Receipt (including copy of the receipt) and RC card in the front, and the self addressed envelope at the back, are required to be inserted in a file with vehicle number, new owner name and address and mobile number written on the file 3. The file and the documents together have to be pierced with a strong piercing tool (available at some of the RTO departments) and then tied together with a thread tag (tag and file are sold outside the RTO for Rs 10). 4. The money required includes the cost of a stamp and so on. In my case I had to pay Rs 405.
    Most of the time I spent today was finding the file and the thread tag, and the piercing tool!..

  50. Gaurav Upadhyay says:

    For obtaining clearance certificate, is there any specific format for NOC form to be filled by owner or a simple application on plain paper would be accepted

  51. naren says:

    One question you said NOC letter issues from the owner, is it free hand writing or there is government prescribed format of it?
    Please reply answer

  52. Kumar says:

    I did Submit docs for Hyp Cancellation & Ownership Transfer. (Same RTO for me) . They are saying 30 days. is it true ?

  53. sendil says:

    Hi niraj i have to buy used car so many confusions how much exact cost for below 1 lakh car rto and other expenses

  54. thanks a lot, helpful post

  55. dhanaraj says:

    hai I am buying car and i want see all details about RC Book what con do for this

  56. dhanaraj says:

    hai I am buying used car and i want to see all details about RC Book what con do for this

  57. Eshwar says:

    great piece of information. Really apperciate your inputs

  58. Sourabh says:

    The first of the car has paid life time road tax. While transferring the car to my name do I need to pay road tax again ?
    What will be the full amount that I have to pay ?

  59. Vikas says:

    one question , will we get Clearance Certificate when request for cancel Hypothecation or need to apply separately for clearance certificate ?

  60. Saritha says:

    Hi Niraj,

    Thanks for the detailed info. I want to transfer the car to my husband’s name. Currently its on my name and there is no loan on it . Will i have to follow the same above steps. ?

  61. Srikanth says:

    Electronic City RTO has still not delivered my CC – Applied on 29th Oct 2014. I have followed up twice. What can i do now.

  62. sreekanth says:

    Niraj and vishal Thanks for the details

  63. Muneer says:

    Hi, recently I bought a car from one person who had already bought the same from another person. After one month i was lucky to trace the original owner who got fitness done and handed over the forms 29,30 and a plain letter to issue cc. I went to jayanagar rto where I was told to bring the cc issued by rto electronic city. Then I requested the owner to get the cc but he is insisting only letter is sufficient. What is the solution for this?

  64. Anand says:

    Hi … I have submitted all my documents in RTO office for cc . And do they really send back the NoC/CC in a Week days.

  65. Raghavendra says:

    Hi Niraj, How to check whether the second hand car I am buying is under loan ?
    Owner saying he made down payment but I just want to make sure that there is no loan on the car.

  66. Syed says:

    Hi, I have seen an used Datsun go plus in Hubli and I am from bangalore,firstly how will I inspect the car.then there is due loan of 510000.so what is the procedure how to transfer it to my name without any losses and complicatoon .kindly reply soon

  67. vinayak says:

    I submit all document they give a slip already done 15 days .BT cc not yet receive wht I do

  68. sandip says:

    Hi Niraj,

    Article is really nice.

    just a small doubt,

    I have a NOC , FOrm 35 copies from owner and other documents.

    Now can we do both Clearance Certificate and Hypothetication cancelled at same time or both are different process n i have to first cancel Hypo and then apply for CC ???

    Pls advise.

  69. S.A.Rajan says:

    Hi Niraj
    Great courage and effort , I did the same when ì wanted to change vehicle documents. When everyone does that then corruption will be nil.only thing you need is time. It may take couple of visits to RTO

  70. Madhu says:

    This is a wonderful blog neat and clear. Thanks Niraj. Hope This article helps many

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